Friday, July 2, 2010

photo :: urbanscapes 2010

held in KLPAC in sentul on 26th of June 2010

i went there in the evening because i had another meet up in UM earlier.
Akay and Teng were volunteering for the event thus they had the free concert tix! while the rest of us, kak syikin, farah, pian, adam, nikamir and myself just having goodtime outside the area. rm40 for just few hours is ridiculous! haha
first we got in, wander around the market area , got some usual art stuff..

and we had two whole ayam golek fivestar fresh from pantai dalam! ahaha epic! with free (redeemable) soft drinks summore.
(also ciggy, but not many of us smoke, lol, this fact makes Teng very happy)
after that, we went upstairs to watch the most awaited movie of the decade : muallaf!  by late Yasmin Ahmad
it was actually a medium sized room with the projection on the wall as the screen and free scattered seating on the floor
duhh i got blocked by the people in front of me (i blocked others at the back too~) would be nice if they had cushion or pillows!

the rest of the story, i get my camera out of my bag.. so let the picture speaks for us and the event itself

friends in action

the fireball shot

see! it really is a fireball

they must be trained very well to be at this state

one shot~!

double shot~~!!

got enough story?
actually our day did not just ended here.. continue reading on


hope u enjoy my work!


  1. tipu aa eena.. kata ada cite pasal Frozen

  2. g klik.

    tp sepanjang panjang karangan tu tak semua la cite pasal frozen. blog aku, mesti cite pasal aku je lebih. hikhik