Wednesday, July 7, 2010

last day as an unemployed happy lady

1) and that's about it.
2) i am going to start work tomorrow..
3) office hour is 10am-6pm
4) i'll travel by train n bus or bus n bus but i'd plan to make myself walk more for the love of my heart. i am pretty much of a heavy secondhand smoker
5) location is in kepong. but i'll stay at my current place as going nomad too frequently is not convenience.  as much as i kept my stuff at minimal volume, they happens to expand themself quite significantly. thanks to those free shirts n stuff. wakaka~
6) i'll have a five working days per week and on some weekends i have to be put on standby with the offdays in weekdays  so yeah sounds fun that way
7) as always, this later part of the year, i am looking forward for endau rompin or any other environmental education job.
8) kensel no 7 above. it doesnt seems to be in place.
7) replacing the above 7. its not a civil engineering related job. at all. pretty random of myself, as always. you know what they say? the nawaitu of study just for getting a job is not right. but of course, this past five years i have developed deep love in this field, i just wanted to have fun while im still young to do as many things as i wanted, insyaAllah i'll have my own learning curve and i will put my best at any decision i made. regretting is always just another option.

so say hi to a brand new eena here :)
may the force be with me oo yeah~~!