Monday, September 9, 2013

the ehhs aand ohhs about me being kurus.

"eh kurus kau? aku tak perasan tadi ingatkan siapa"

"ehhh.. kurusnyeee"

"eh apasal kurus?" "no seriously, kurus kenapa?"

"alaa kurus sangat tak cantiklaa"

well, thank you for the comments. i take that as a compliment.
true, i've shed some weight off. used to be in the range of 63-65kg, its 60-61kg now.
not as much as ones u see in the slimming ads though.
even the inches doesnt reduced as much.

maybe some recalled my healthy entries before

i didnt really follow my own words, but i've reduced unhealthy consumption quite greatly.
eh lets put it down
1) no late night meals - sometimes i dont even had my dinner. too tired for food sometimes. built my bed way too comfy i fall asleep in less than 15 minutes or so? eh no, im still hvg that insomnia lah.
2) no no no fast food. i used to be a regular like 3-4 times per week to Senai McD. cut down to once or twice per month. jajan consumption is still unavoidable esp. near the time of the month.
3) very few sweet drinks -

oh, call this a little extra factor, i lose my appetite whenever i think of him. thank you. idk why its just happened. just imagine, me with a plate of anticipated hearty plate of good lunch on a busy day, half way thru, when suddenly seeing his name appear on my phone screen, i can literally feel like i cannot swallow. alrite. ha. idk i feel like being watched at a distance perhaps?

and oh, have u heard about this theory? here,
there's a tendency for ones to make their partner put on weight so whenever they are not together, the partner would appear less attractive to others, thus would stay loyal to them, or cannot find new love.
and yes. he did mentioned he liked me to be more on the plump side. iseewhatudidthar.jpg

while the intent of him being clear like that, i dont really put any thoughts on him.
withdrawing self from the tension zone was just a natural gesture of me.

but after realizing i really got thinner, i feel bad. i never lose weight. iirc. being rated underweight for my school days, i consider every kg is a hard gained ones. the preciouscollection of mine. having to reach a normal BMI, being able to feel that my fitness is improved is priceless.

so i'm afraid this weightloss would associate with a degrading fitness level or even metabolism rate.
i will now focus more on running and running and running to maintain my body and perhaps tone it up a bit.

oh, its been awhile since i last had a good run. pfft. i can even feel that my form doesnt comfortable enough. urghh.

really, kurus sangat tak cantik is one thing, getting a nice fitting baju is another painful task.
too small for M, too tall for S. my childhood problem revisit.

alhamdulillah for the health, may we all benefit our body for good deeds.