Tuesday, October 27, 2009

linux for non-g33k

aku jumpa satu karangan menarik. berbaloi duh baca. korang baca la skali.
tak kisah la korang linux user ke luser ke.. (luser tu lawan bg user. paham2 korang je ah)

so here goes~

taken from linux hater blog
I'm sure all of this is already in y'all's blood. But you know, I figured I should write it down for all the noobs out there. They need to learn how to behave properly as a luser.

  • If something doesn't work for you, tell yourself that you don't really need it anyways.
  • Convert at least five others to user your distribution of choice. Even against their will. Do whatever it takes. Lie about how it makes such a great OS. Tell them the people at the NYSE use it. Tell them it gets less viruses. Tell them it runs on their toaster, so it's awesome. If they resist, here's some things you can do:
    • Do NOT research Microsoft security technologies. Instead, just point solely to Windows 95 and UAC as examples of poor security on Windows
    • Tell them that they can install thousands, no millions, of apps with a single command.
    • Tell them that they'll have choice. Do not tell them that they'll have to make tons of choices which they know nothing about.
    • If they are non-programmers, tell them that it's a fantastic opportunity to get into programming and spend hours and hours to make their system work.
    • Question their manhood or womanhood.
    • Accuse them of spreading FUD.
    • If they're Mac users, accuse them of blatant homosexuality. Then tell them that they're spending way too much money. Show them your wobbly windows.
    • If they point out that they won't be able to do something that they could before, tell them that they didn't really need to do that anyways.
  • A year later, convert them to your new distribution of choice.
  • When you have a configuration problem, do one or more of:
    • File a bug, without doing any research on the problem.
    • If you're really in the mood, find a totally unrelated bug, and post a comment along the lines of, "Hey, I think this might be related ..."
    • If you're actually partially smart and have found the appropriate bug report, post a comment saying 'Me too!', even though there are already 300 of the same. It really helps developers when their bug report pages are really long. You see, they judge the importance of a bug by how short their scrollbar grabby-thing gets.
    • Post to Ubuntuforums. Be sure to sound really spoiled.
    • Tell yourself that you don't need that feature. Tell yourself that if you wait patiently you'll have it in 2 years, maybe.
    • Write something along the lines of "I totally need this feature XXX to work. Someone help me" to every mailing list you can find that ends with -devel.
  • When others have problems, do one or more of:
    • Tell them that it works for you, and give no further information. New users must learn on their own. Remember this. It's for their own good.
    • If you're a little more motivated, tell them that it works for you, and then tell them about your hardware that is totally different from theirs.
    • Never reveal that you actually have no idea what you're talking about. Suggest random solutions like patching their kernel.
    • If they're trying to watch some video or listen to some music in a non-free format, drop some knowledge on them about how they're poisoning society. Trust me, everyone really cares. They're just too stupid to know to care.
    • If all else fails, yes, you can tell them that they don't really need that feature. By wanting it, they're just prolonging their addiction to useful software.
  • Most importantly, write blogs, comment on blogs, post on forums , anything, to tell people that your Linux desktop does everything you need, but make sure you know absolutely nothing about the proprietary software workflows that exist on other platforms. It's really important that you have a "clean room" opinion, unaffected by the imperfections of the real world.
jadi macam mana? make sense tak? haha memang blog tu agak exxagerate la jugak sebenanya.
some are true, at least for me. aku memang obses lebih dengan wobbly windows tu.. hihi

selaku end user yang tegar, tak salah aku guna linux.
dari dulu suka2 je format pc. bila keluar windows vista yang jauh dari panggang dia punya compatibility dgn laptop, aku tau, aku kena move on.
masa tu memang segala ebook collection aku redah. bukan paham sangat padahal, tapi tak kisah la.. bukan baca betul2..
masalah nya masa tu.. aku takde space.. fomat pun satu partition je selalu.. celah mana nak bekap data suma
tapi tanak kalah gak~ buat jugak dual boot, dengan xp sp3, version yang vista-like. kahkah.. bila dah biasa guna vista betul, takdela wow sangat kot..

las2 sampaila seru suka2 try fedora. sempatla dua edition pakai.. then pergi MSOSCONF 09 pow pulak byk2 distro punya cd. apalagi.. install fest la laptop aku..
yang lekat dihati skang ubuntu.. tapi distro lain pun tetap menawan hati gak..
guna command line interface pun tak susah sangat nak explore pc. belajar-able la orang kate~

haa kat seblah tu korang boleh nampak.. ade yang baru nak release lagi.. karmic koala namanya
dengan cite GNOME pun da ade baru.. ni la satu best yang tak dapat tempat lain.. keep us excited!

terima kasih para developers!
bersama melaksanakan 1linux: linux for non-g33k


Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday's Embun Mission

a peaceful landscsape in UTP

i always adore the pavements here that connects the cafetaria building with the hostel.
just like the setting in SEPI, the beautiful movie that i watch over and over again.
its in Taiping, if my memory serves me right.

i have to shoot this very frame, again.
reason being is that the shadow of the braches that shades the walkway that never failed cacthes my eyes.
maybe sometimes in the noon.
(note that this picture is taken early in the morning)

i hope u can absorb some kind of peaceful feeling, too ^_^

Friday, October 23, 2009

another tweet-able scene

bukan aku
: <-- kelakar kan kalo g sane?

: err. kelakar? maksudnye.. (while looking at the page showing table 1: physical properties of fuel oil no 2).. u mean, flash point? the viscosity? sori i cant relate those two; the table n ur statement

bukan aku: meh nak pes skali gi.. mnde lampi bebeno ni <-- beskan kalo g sane?

: tu la aku tanye.. ape kaitan camtu.. maaf

bukan aku: ouhhh maaf.. terpaste link yang aku nak injek pula. saye memang melampau! anda dibenarkan untuk carut skang.. i deserve it. really.

: ... (practically senyum n stay cool)

* based on true story
** so pasneh kalo nak silap ctrl+v pun make sure link tu ends dgn /shadow or show me some far more interesting tables

ok now u r supposed to laugh out loudsss
i tweeted: have u ever looking at some statistic of growth rate population and suggesting 2 ur fren that 'kalo makan ni x abes woo'
/me away lulz-ing

Monday, October 19, 2009

of sex issue

we always been told not to be sexist.
gender equalization and whatnot.

tapi at the same time, pergaulan bebas perlu dielakkan.
keruntuhan sosial n moral is a thing we shouldn't take part into.

thing is.. no matter how the world is talking and presenting the statistic on how women outnumbered men in general, i always found it differently.
i have more brothers that sisters, i have more uncles than aunts..
i have more guy friends than girl friends
i had had more male colleagues than the female ones.

is it me doing n fancy for things less lady-like?
is it my field n interest that requires me mingle with more non female species?

now if i were to be at somewhere for good reason, not merely berhibur n lagha.. say its kinda work that i liked
what do i do if.. the majority is not-female.. or.. if.. no other female?
whereby there might be a limited resource which practically means that we also have to share..
will u accept to bear with the challenge and survive anyway
just reject the owh-soo-long-awaited opportunity just because u care about the perception of others
is it the moral value that u have to stick to?

which one sounds like the more right thing to do?

Sunday, October 18, 2009


ulu chepor, 2009.
percubaan slow shutter yang tampak tidak sharp disitu

jumaat lepas, kami semua mensyukuri nikmat cuti umum dengan berkunjung ke Ulu Chepor.
cantik tempatnya, pokok2 meneduhi pusat mandi manda pilihan kami, takdela sunburnt kang, hihi
perkelahan kami sangat awesome dengan proper brunch, air kelapa, kuih muih dan guess what, durian pun ade skali~! enak sungguh perut kami. menjamu selera diselang selikan dgn merendam perut didalam air adalah sungguh indah~

sejam kemudian.. runtuhan awan mula berlaku.. disamping air yang semakin deras, titisan hujan turut menyimbah kami. kami bergegas pulang. itulah yang telah kami deal dalam safety briefing pada awal sesi perkelahan kami tadi.

namun percutian kami tidak ends begitu sahaja.. dengan dressing n mekap yang agak melebih2 dari hari biasa walaupun baru mandi sungai, kami plan nak pegi ipoh pula. bukan nak kata apa la, kan.. macam nak pegi mane je mekap sungguh2, tapi rupanya selipar adalah sungguh x suits the theme. ahh, selipar jamban pun redah aje~

apapun, perut jugak yang diutamakan, lalu kami makan dalam bilik seperti dalam gambar.. kebetulan pula ada mesin nyanyi. percuma pulak tu.. kami tekan dan jerit je la apa yang patut.

saje attach gamba sekecik yang boleh.. kang obvious pulak mekap kami yang memang obvious pun ni..

all in all.. we had soooo much fun~!! wheeee~~~~

Saturday, October 17, 2009

change the MAC address

for some reason, you might want to change the MAC address.. its ok, i wont judge u, chill~!

so lets do it in the ubuntu way

1) open the /etc/network/interface
sudo nano /etc/network/interface
2) add this line

# The loopback network interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

# The primary network interface
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
hwaddress ether 01:02:03:04:05:06 #ur new MAC address
ok here's the important part
first get to know ur current MAC number.
type ifconfig and look for HWaddr in the eth0 field.
3) restart.
sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart
notice that ur IP address will be assigned to a new one
and here is the fedora way

thank you for reading ~!

Monday, October 12, 2009

c.o.o.l.n.e.s.s redefined

ok this is really, really interesting.

remember once upon a time i did ask around on how to connect LAN n WIFI at once?
i was still young and still with fedora back then. (lasem or awal semni je pun~)
i didn't manage to do it and considering the LAN connection is better then the wifi, and found a better way to get rid of the network policy block thingy so i dont care much anymore.

but today.. without any effort.. it. just. happened.
sooooo essing (seriously) cool~!

am just switched to wifi for few minutes, i get back to the lan connection, but in my xp (the vm) the ip looks different. plus the other numbers looks like the wifi connection is currently turned on. really, i was like soooo 'ouh really' when the page redirected to the streamyx login page. (and yes, the GadisHub also went off because of this)
b4 i've never tried to use the wifi connection on the xp because i guess its not yet installed. not sure though, i just played the freshly-formatted image from someone.

any body care to explain the science behind?
the ip table looks normal and no routing alteration has been done.

catch of the day: 1 more access.

(12:31:35 PM) aalim: buzz
(01:45:47 PM) a***** o/
(01:46:13 PM) aalim: ad mirc x?
(01:46:18 PM) aalim: tlg connect o******e.u*****t.n*t:***
(01:46:18 PM) aalim: tengok bleh ke tak
(01:46:25 PM) aalim: pstu tlg nmap -p443 -sV o******e.u*****t.n*t:***
(01:46:29 PM) aalim: tengok result
(01:46:42 PM) aalim: :D
(01:49:24 PM) aalim: bleh dop :D
(01:50:15 PM) a***** xleh kenek
(01:50:36 PM) aalim: try http://o******e.u*****t.n*t:***
(01:51:14 PM) a***** xwish aku gulak pun
(01:51:21 PM) a***** de ineview kut rini
(01:52:43 PM) aalim: all the best
(01:52:48 PM) aalim: dok tau kot
(01:52:48 PM) aalim: interview pet?
(01:53:34 PM)a***** xtanye~
(01:54:55 PM) a***** bkn
(01:55:01 PM) a***** jd technician je
(01:55:06 PM) aalim: cesss
(01:55:17 PM) aalim: kul brp?
(01:55:54 PM) a***** patutnye ptg ni
(01:55:59 PM)a***** tp td ade kosong
(01:56:01 PM) a***** da masok
(01:56:03 PM) aalim: erk
(01:56:05 PM) a***** da siap aa kire
(01:56:14 PM) aalim: owh
(01:56:42 PM) a***** Starting Nmap 4.76 ( ) at 2009-10-12 13:53 MYT
SCRIPT ENGINE: '/usr/share/nmap/scripts/skype_v2-version.nse' threw a run time error and could not be loaded.
SCRIPT ENGINE: '/usr/share/nmap/scripts/iax2Detect.nse' threw a run time error and could not be loaded.
SCRIPT ENGINE: '/usr/share/nmap/scripts/PPTPversion.nse' threw a run time error and could not be loaded.
Interesting ports on (*.*.*.*):
*/tcp filtered https

Service detection performed. Please report any incorrect results at .
Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 9.39 seconds

(01:58:02 PM) aalim: filtered
(01:58:05 PM) aalim: ish
(01:58:09 PM) aalim: mender ape byk error tuh
(01:58:36 PM) a***** akunye ke error tu?
(01:58:47 PM) aalim: ntah
(01:59:19 PM) a***** slame ni akuwat xde pun error gtu
(01:59:38 PM) aalim: hurm..
(01:59:43 PM) aalim: k k
(01:59:51 PM) aalim: cuba test http://o******e.u*****t.n*t:***
(02:00:01 PM) a***** xleh
(02:00:13 PM) aalim: http://*.*.*.*
(02:00:19 PM) aalim: try tuh
(02:00:43 PM) a*****
You have accessed an Internet site blocked by internet policy:


This site is categorised as:


(02:00:47 PM) a***** hihi
(02:01:05 PM) a***** username paswed?
(02:01:42 PM) aalim: uiks
(02:01:48 PM) aalim: bleh bukak ke tak neh
(02:02:48 PM) a***** buleh
(02:02:52 PM) a***** sbenanye xleh
(02:04:07 PM) aalim: ish2
(02:04:07 PM) aalim: hack r tu
(02:04:07 PM) aalim: kena tutup port kan
(02:04:12 PM)a***** manede
(02:04:18 PM) a***** kne blok je pun
(02:04:38 PM) aalim: pergh
(02:05:11 PM) aalim: uiks
(02:05:15 PM) aalim: mana entry yang resume tuh
(02:05:34 PM) a***** mehla username ppaswed uh
(02:06:13 PM) aalim: haish
(02:06:16 PM) a***** buang ah, malu org tegok
(02:06:18 PM)a***** wakaka
(02:06:23 PM) aalim: hack r
(02:06:26 PM) aalim: hahaha
(02:06:29 PM) aalim: biar je r
(02:06:31 PM) aalim: nice pe entry tu
(02:06:37 PM) aalim: https://*.*.*.*:*.
(02:06:40 PM) aalim: try tuh
(02:06:41 PM) aalim: bleh x
(02:11:16 PM) a***** camxlehje
(02:11:25 PM) a***** taking too long to respond
(02:12:52 PM) aalim: hurm..
(02:12:56 PM) a***** buleh2
(02:13:00 PM) a***** kne gune https
(02:13:03 PM) a***** jap ek
(02:13:04 PM) aalim: error
(02:13:25 PM) a***** sameje
(02:13:29 PM)a***** meh je aa
(02:13:34 PM) a***** user pw
(02:13:39 PM) aalim: same je mender
(02:13:42 PM) aalim: hish
(02:13:49 PM) aalim: wat naper username n passwd
(02:13:58 PM) a***** dh tu xleh masok aa
(02:14:06 PM) a***** ala bkn aku wat pape pon
(02:14:38 PM) aalim: haha
(02:14:40 PM) aalim: ampes
(02:14:59 PM) a***** oo xcaye kt aku~
(02:15:53 PM) aalim: lagi2
(02:15:55 PM) aalim: try irc
(02:16:04 PM) aalim: o******e.u*****t.n*t:***
(02:16:31 PM) a***** klu try dpt admin accs x?
(02:17:06 PM) aalim: dapat2
(02:17:16 PM) a***** ahh false hope
(02:17:26 PM) aalim: haish
(02:17:46 PM) a***** pes log kat blog ah gni
(02:18:11 PM) aalim: haha
(02:18:28 PM) aalim: dapat admin acs.. tapi bila dapat, x tau
(02:18:29 PM) aalim: haha
(02:18:59 PM) a***** meh lu paswed
(02:19:15 PM) a***** g add skang
(02:19:21 PM) a***** kang lupe
(02:20:02 PM) a***** xlehkenek pun
(02:23:49 PM) aalim: haha
(02:23:51 PM) aalim: nnt r
(02:23:57 PM) aalim: modem weng.. x leh nk wat dmz
(02:24:01 PM) aalim: bengong sungguh
(02:25:25 PM) a***** ok deal.
(02:26:19 PM) aalim: haha
(02:26:20 PM) aalim: ampes
(02:29:30 PM) a***** -away updet blog-
(02:29:36 PM) aalim: k

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

jaga kau lipas.

dapur aku banyak lipas. aku tatau apasal tapi lipas-lipas itu just banyak, without no apparent reason. aku tak suka masak, so dont put the blame on me, aku tak ada bahan mentah didapur.
sebotol sunquick, sepeket megi yang dah luak, separuh bag nestum coklet yang tak sedap, susu n milo dah habis. dan semua tu bukan daya penarik lipas.

aku pegi dapur nak basuh tangan. segarkan diri, kata aku.

sampai depan sinki dapur, rasa something di kaki. aku tengok tak ada apa pun.

on the way ke bilik, aku nampak lipas.

tidak, aku tak pijak lipas tu. serius. jangan ragui aku. lagi tambah geli aku adalah~

steady je balik bilik. aku rasa geli lipas pijak kaki aku masih bersisa.

lepas ni kena pegi basuh kaki pulak.

banyak siot kerja aku. kejap basuh tangan kejap basuh kaki. habis bila nak siap kerja skolah aku?

p/s: perasan tak, aku cuba taip melayu betul? ok juga, kan? bukan apa, asyik tulis tanpa hiraukan tatabahasa pun tak elok juga kan untuk minda.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

jaga kau nyamuk.

aku cukup tak suka dengan nyamuk. mana-mana aku pergi, mesti aku orang pertama ia nak hisap darah. apa tak cukup ke the fact that darah aku low hB, ia nak huru-harakan lagi composition biologi aku?

pastu kalau diam2 ok lagi, tapi kalau da start keluar bunyi ia tu.. memang tak tahan. kalau boleh disable telinga, mmg aku siap letak plugin untuk trigger cepat2 off. tapi tak boleh.

aku cukup anti dengan nyamuk.

tadi ada satu.
terbang2 hinggap kat baju pastu terbang balik.
hey bukan kau nyamuk betina ke?
aku dah tak tahan. tak sanggup darahku jadi korban. atau roomate aku. atau housemate aku.

'nyamuuk'. aku menjerit kecil. tak anggun la kalau jerit kuat-kuat macam tengok hamster makan anak sendiri.


'haa.. kena!'

aku sanitize tangan aku.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

boleh tak?

salahkah kalo kite sayang orang yang tak sepatutnya more than the ones that we should?

ouh.. saye sayang sumerang..
don't get me wrong
(as if~)

but the degree of sayang tu yang makes me.. perhaps, guilty?

tapi.. tak salah, kan?

panel problem solved

since last few weeks, i removed my bottom panel to fully utilize the all-beautiful Avant Windows Manager. but now i added the panel back in place

by default, the newly added panel is empty. i'm familiar with workspace switcher and many other panel plugins but doesn't seem to have any idea on this tiny boxes, not even the name. (must be another jargon, urghh)

1) right click on the panel
2) add to panel
3) add the Window List (Switch between open windows using button)

don't fancy problems?
do nothing, at all.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

cara (agak) mudah muat turun dari youtube

kiss it if you want it

1) dapatkan url video youtube. cara paling mudah buat saya yang kurang minat tengok video klip ialah entertain request dari DC++.
2) tambahkan huruf huruf ini di url 'k,i,s,s' supaya kelihatan seperti
3) there, you should now be able to download your favourite clips with your favourite download manager/accelerator

p/s: this method is OS-independent and of course, there are plenty of ways to get it done. one of my fav is youtube-dl which doesnt even requires to use the web browser.

best of luck and salam aidilfitri