Monday, October 19, 2009

of sex issue

we always been told not to be sexist.
gender equalization and whatnot.

tapi at the same time, pergaulan bebas perlu dielakkan.
keruntuhan sosial n moral is a thing we shouldn't take part into.

thing is.. no matter how the world is talking and presenting the statistic on how women outnumbered men in general, i always found it differently.
i have more brothers that sisters, i have more uncles than aunts..
i have more guy friends than girl friends
i had had more male colleagues than the female ones.

is it me doing n fancy for things less lady-like?
is it my field n interest that requires me mingle with more non female species?

now if i were to be at somewhere for good reason, not merely berhibur n lagha.. say its kinda work that i liked
what do i do if.. the majority is not-female.. or.. if.. no other female?
whereby there might be a limited resource which practically means that we also have to share..
will u accept to bear with the challenge and survive anyway
just reject the owh-soo-long-awaited opportunity just because u care about the perception of others
is it the moral value that u have to stick to?

which one sounds like the more right thing to do?


  1. sexist jangan... but u are permitted to become sexy

  2. "i have more uncles than aunts.."

    Arwah auntie seorg yg baek.. alfatihah~ -__-

  3. haha sexy bleh arep.. tp bia betempat aa kut

    adam neh offtopic pe tah neh

  4. tak paham aku..blur..sexist tuh amendeh? hi hi. ada beza ke laki ngan pompuan?

  5. sexist tuh macam kroni aa. mentang2 aku pompuan aku tanak kawan ngan ko sbb ko bukan pompuan.
    beza duh. pompuan salunye rambut panjang.

  6. hehehehe...let me know your final decision...!

  7. does it matters to you, anonymous?
    you should at least try to greet in with some identity here..