Tuesday, April 14, 2015

of 27

oh hey. ive turned 27 this year. what a beautiful number. i always looking forward to be an adult, proper grown up. im about to be one. yeay!

just 3 more years to the three series. yeay! urm okay. big three O. ookay. sounds bit *cough* old.

thing is im running late. idk perhaps this past few months has been a little slow to me i feel restless. i dont like it i want to change but i dont know where to begin.

and i got myself a car. after much consideration. few mistakes along the way. and i realize. oh hey its nice to be 27.

here's why.

the other day i attended a meeting with IEM Toastmasters Club. i was early. usually i would arrive just ontime via public transport, trains and walk for quite some distance but driving there just took me 30 mins. so i took my time running some errands and have a nice cup of barley while waiting with few other members.

before the meeting started, i went to my car to change my shoes. because the meeting is somewhat in formal setting, ive gotta dress to the occasion, we always have, dont we? when i was walking towards the car, there was a nice shiny Benz parked next to it. admiring it briefly i proceed unlocking my car. looking up, there was my friend, apparently walking behind me without me noticing, fellow Past President of the club, looking quite suprised himself

PP: i thought that was ur car. *pointing to the silver Benz*
Me: wow u did? aameeen to that, LOL.
PP: i was wondering what this young lady do to be driving such car.
Me: haha how i wish its mine. im happy with this now. *glancing towards my very car*
PP: its a nice car. my wife had this before
Me: really? cool, i just bought this recently actually.
(not knowing how to mask my words, LOL)

it struck me until this moment. i do have some expectations towards me. i mean, yeah i always do. but i always so focused towards my goal i never see any need to comply with others general perception of what should i do i just have things my way. if living frugal will retain me most money so i can stick to my plan, thats what i am.

and i also realize i need to have a certain way of carrying myself to get there. how not to be cheap while aiming to save and not spending? this is where it gets tricky.

but thats the nice thing about being young. 27 is still young.
we can afford to be cheap.
we can afford to make mistakes.
we can afford to not knowing goals.

but i am not.
i dont want cheap.
i dont want to be delayed by stupid mistakes.
i dont want to be strayed too much and regret later for not being able to achieve my goals.

27 is like so young but so old. or me, like i always been, having an old soul.

ive gotta stay focused. *feeling determined*

Monday, December 15, 2014

ideal kind of daily schedule

0530 - rise n shine
0615 - morning run/read n write.
0645 - shower and get dressed
0705 - have breakfast
0720 - off to work
0800 - 1700 - work
1800 - evening run
2000 - dinner
2100 - hobby doing
2200 - leisure
2300 - late night light workout
0000 - late night read and write.
0100 - off to bed

pftttt i mean, look at all the gone hours ive spent just to get online. go online n do nothing exactly productive.

and what worried me the most is that i cannot write anymore. i mean writing good length of an article or something.

or it should look soemthing like this

1 day - 24 hours.

8 hours time with ownself - 4 hours sleep, eat, pray, read Quran

8 hours work - focus. give all to it, work. build that handsome building. and to be kind at work. keep sel

8 hours self development - learning new stuff, hobbies, read n write, read more about work. do some calculations.

hmmmm... just some fine tuning to fit in new year resolution.
sounds like a plan

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

bear w me. i am recalculating.

i dont like it.
but it happens anyway.
its there when its there.
cant deny it.
it has the wisdom.
one thing i treasure of discovering.
for one im struggling to be equipped with.
it went far.
yet can only get so far.
its not right, clearly is wrong.
one sharp end.
i can take it.
take it like a man.

but i found ur shadow.
or actually another,
but why it carry ur shadow i wonder?

its only fair to be fair for the both of us.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Under Construction

hello folks.

i will briefly lay out the steps taken in transforming a flat land into a remarkable building that will enhance the overall view of the neighbouring flat land.


okay this is not an architectural blog. im building just another building which might not be very aestheticcally pleasant to your eyes! or atleast to my eyes. i never liked my clients taste of facade colour scheme applied. haha!

i will try to be as elaborate as a contractor can be. so please bear with this brief one at the moment.

- setting out

get the boundary by whatever means provided by the client. the border stone landmark or coordinate to peg (marking on the earth, using small sticks, often with a nail on top)

1) border point (s)
2) building points
3) piling points (if any)

barricade the area so nobody will come and making any mess that my lost the pegging points.

if the point of reference happens to be far away form the site, make one temporary reference point where the coordinate and level is known. often marked with level

its important to retain this point throughout the projects until completion. so u might want to concrete the base and barricade this point as well. place it at the location with least possible interruption.

- foundation

there are several types of foundation

shallow foundation - footings

deep foundation - piling

nahh few more types of footings and pilings there is.

the most commonly used one is the piling where u pile to set.

upon completion, carry out an as built survey so we can assure any offsets is within the allowed eccentricity.

- pile caps & stump

start with transferring the gridlines from the plan drawing onto the ground.

make sure the pegging/temporary fence for the gridline reference is sturdy enough to stay at least until the casting of ground floor column. not too far surrounding the building but not too close to not to interfere with workers and machines.

cut off the pile head until the designated level.
one rule is finished floor level, minus the slab and beam, stump, pilecaps. study carefully on how much the pile is supposed to be casted inside the pilecaps and the starter bars from the pilehead.
the excavation is slightly lower than the pile head level by whatever length to be casted inside the pilecaps, concrete cover and also the lean concrete.

- ground beam

- ground slab

- ground floor column

- first floor beam & slab

- first floor column

- roof beam

- roof truss installation

- roof cover installation

- bricklaying

- door & window frame installation

- plumbing

- sanitary lines

- electrical wiring

- air conditioning wiring

- plastering

- floor finishing

- doors, windows & ironmongeries

- ceiling installation

- painting

- sanitary wares

- electrical fittings

- aircondition installation

- painting

- sundries

- drainage

- apron

- fencing & gate

- turfing works/ landscape

these are the words u have got to put in the work programme, site diaries, progress report.

i'll update whenever i feel like.

Friday, September 19, 2014

branded stuff; yay or nay?

heres the quick update fr the previous post. i couldnt get my complete supplies in just yet, i coulnt start the project just yet. bleargh. and oh, some items do not suitable for the projects too. but it shall be put into a good use one the following stage should i get this whole thing actually started.
hiccups. but im in it to win it. insyaAllah :)

ok back to our topic title.. do you prefer branded goods or just anything, regardless of the brand, as long as you feel like you could get it. i mean, of course, if we could afford it all. doesnt matter if we dont, but the overall shopping criteria that is. am i mumbling useless words in here? lol

heres the thing. i appreciate quality, the engineering behind and good and fine workmanship. so, yay for brand to me. 

i tried not to be a victim of capitalism (mehh) and avoid paying the premiums for the marketing these brands have, so sometimes i'll be sourcing for unpopular no brand goods and tried to call myself a bargain hunter. while it cost me less than that of well known brand of similar items, it really challenge my tolerance for quality and reliability too. 

knowing my wide range of interest of hobbies, i rely on my equipments a lot. my Nikon was amongst me first big purchase. i opted the brand than the infamous counterpart, Canon,  simply because it feels right in my hand. the way it fits when i grip it. its a neverending comparison between these two (other brands was rather new at the time) so come decision making time, i tend to inclined to these hidden and unexplainable cues and happily exchange my hard earned money with. 

with the limited resource and unlimited needs and wants it kind of and eyesore for me for those who doesnt appreciate the good goods they have. now im going to sounds like a boring aunty here. i owned a cheap rucksack back then. and i happen to mingle with richkids a lot back then. so obviously their rucksacks are those top in the line and they didnt even pack it well to make it serve the purpose well. i mean, its like they are carrying this four figures priced pack for a few hourse hike and they didnt pack and buckle up properly and they complaint how they got back pain later on? seriously??? even my el cheapo packs can be set up to be more comfortable than their badly used packs.

alright the reason im writing these because i just watched a video on this rich blogger, a daughter of some rich parents, showing her jewellery collection. one whole island wardrobe, few customised drawer to nicely display each and every necklaces bracelets bangles and rings with dedicated velvet trays and all. and you wont believe me where she stored he watches. she got one nice watchbox too, with slots of ten if im not mistaken, but some of them stored in jewellery box, like u do with ur pins!
maybe her watches are expensive enough it wont easily get scrathed and dinged but.. poor watches. they have their pride telling u time, ticking every second even without u wearing, but u put them inside that tiny box like tuna in a can? 

these are also why im a very bad at fashion, clothings, shoes and anything in that department. i dont want to spend so much but i look into the quality if the fabric feels right, if the seams are tight, if the cutting fits my body right. and more often than not, these doesnt come as cheap. the cheap ones is not as good. so i end up bot buying, and keep using the ones i already hv until i cant wear them anymore and forced to be replaced and forced to buy cheap not quality pieces. thats pretty much the cycle. 
sometimes i feel like i could design my own clothes, my own shoes, so i can reserve my comments how badly constructed things are and still be able to dress well. 

but one thing for sure, whatever weightage that governs my decision making acquiring anything i owned, i commit to it. once i have it, i wl appreciate it sometimes a little too much. one of my hiking pants has torn so much but i find a way to patch it up and proudly wearing them again n again because i just can. talk about a deep sense of attachment, i am no lack in that.

*flips hair*

till then, hv a nice day peeps :)