Sunday, June 18, 2017

March - June travelog

so i went back to KL in March from Yogyakarta.

march is very much of a love hate thing for me. cos as (once) a working class adult, its the month of income tax filing. it can be the case of make or break with tax planning. strategize well, u can max the return, otherwise, minimal to no. worse still, have to pay more.
i was very careful in the previous year so i can harvest the benefit this year hehe. kudos myself!

other than that, i moved out fr rented room. 3 month of no job, no salary and travelling yet having to fork out big chunks out of my piggybank aint the smartest thing to do. so i dont hv a place on my own now. selling most of my stuff too. accumulated quite a bit after about 2 yrs spent in the same place - record high since my i started working life!

and by end of March, packed my bag again, this time to Seoul. after 2 weeks, i took off from Busan to Hanoi.

Upon arrival in Hanoi, i kinda missed the greens so i waste no time venture further up north, one province at a time. exploring around for a week, volunteered in a Homestay for a week and an english centre for 6 weeks. spent last few days experiencing Ramadan in Hanoi, again. also, had one-day trip to Bangkok in April

returned home in almost the same state i left but this time around with another due diligence waiting right at the door. the main reason is to celebrate ramadan and aidilfitri at home with family and friends but its mostly just touching the base before the next leg.

i am still making rounds of meeting everyone - something of nomadic skill i learnt doing and loving- in this short time so hit me up if u r free and up for a coffee or two! me, obviously i got loads of free time more than i could handle here haha!

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