Tuesday, January 22, 2013

of finishing a book

now. what do i do now.

i've just finished a book.

and the ending was just very sweet and romantic. might i say, that was the best ending could have ever been written?

my heart is now overwhelmed with the awwss and ohhhs.

now go. get ur copy.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

of turning into the quarter life, insyaAllah

insyaAllah, semoga diberikan umur yang panjang.

looking back. where was i for the past 25 years?

i completed my gap year to my self satisfactory. i get to know wide range of people around the world and more importantly, they all inspire me in some way or another, however little.
well then, i got the job i wanted. it was not the best job anyone could dream of, but at least it did for me. and with the arrangement within the company, i got the trust from the upper management to let me handle the project all alone by myself. it was a yay for having the freedom. and another yay for the large set of responsibilities that lies within. and a mega yay for keeping my sanity in check. and having one of my 6 buildings undergone an inspection for handover with the authority just recently, i deserve a one-sixth final yeay! alhamdulillah.

my family is fine. but i have yet to get my mak n abah get a good well rest at home, without having to get to work anymore. or worrying about money. we children need to work harder for that.

abang is going to get married. its been a while since we last had any big family gathering for wedding. so this very one is much anticipated by us all. hello kakak! there'll be more ladies at home later on, hehe. but the kenduri will be sometimes later, mid 2013. or should we already get some preparation done?

my uncles n aunts are doing well. though my tuk n tokki is no longer around, we still get to celebrate raya together at kampung. in which the tradition was not practiced in like 5 yrs before.

my treasured friends doing just fine. although i have to admit, we are getting much on our own ways, and rarely our path crossed. i would love more meeting ups and catching ups but than we had. but i love u all very dearly. and seeing so many of them having the display pictures being their offspring/s instead of themselves, i am truely happy for that. my humble apology for not being able making my presence on most of your big days.

of love life, im still happily single. the word happy is loosely used here. but who would actually want to say otherwise, unless well, ones really is not happy. im a hopeless romantic if that's what a person want. so yeah, the dating game is really not for me. i cant be all sweety lovey dovey i guess.
i cant see my self dedicating my life to just one man, without any guarantee of what direction we are heading. nahh im not even sure about that.
when a person being too straight forward and act all confident, i feel like its not even real.
when a person being all unsure and not at all confident, that also doesn't sounds real to me.
so its true woman never actually know what they wanted.
its not like i afraid to fail it. im just afraid, when it really failed, i cant let u go.
i always believe in the love life after marriage. insyaAllah.

these being said, i guess i have to do better in days ahead. i really hope so. lets live more like a grown up!

chin up, and smile! :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

construction engineer essentials #1 - sunblock!

amboii. ini la title yang paling baik aku penah come out untuk blogpost aku.
*pat self on the back*

aku ada very bad skin condition. u name it. jerawat, extreme allergy reaction, eczema. sampai satu tahap aku macam ahh redha je. eczema contohnye, there's no cure found so far. sume skin problem aku ni macam takleh settle for good. die boleh appear all of sudden, heals by no apparent madications, heals on steroid, and recurring.

since my uni days, aku ada cuba satu sunblock ni.

With Aloe Extract to keep skin soft.
  • For protection against UVA & UVB.

  • Contains Aloe Extract to keep skin soft and supple.

  • Clear Watery Liquid formulation is smooth and transparent on skin.

  • Low irritation.

  • Water-proof.

  • Suitable for face & body.

i got this one at first dalam trial pack. murah la MYR6 macam tu. packaging biasa dia agak mahal MYR30 lebih kurang. 
ok la, non sticky, clear finish, kan.. until the trial packs is nowhere to be found, i cant afford to repurchase the actual sized product, and being the cheapskate me, i stopped using this. 

i mean, almost any other face finish pun ade spf content kot. i thought double shot la. foundation ke face powder ke biasa ade skali kan sunscreen macam ni. so xnecessary la kan.

then lepastu ada lagi.. 

lancome pulak. this one lepas pakai kan, terus rasa sesuatu tau dekat muka. its creamy in texture and rasa dia macam.. urm macam apa ek slight burning sensation gitu. tak lama sekejap je. finished look dia pun agak oily n putih sikit. but tak waterproof of sweatproof. so aku selalu berpeluh under the sun kan, boleh clerk of work tegur, bedak cair meleleh. padahal aku xpakai bedak kot. just sunscreen ni je. pergh malu gak la sikit sikit. tapi berkesan. sebab aku tak rasa pun kulit muka gelap or sunburnt teruk given my very harsh long hours under sun exposure macam tu kan

lepas lancome ni habis, agak ngam la dengan habis projek masa tu. so lepak HQ office, xrasa its necessary lagi nak beli baru. nak beli lancome rasa macam xlayak untuk cheapskate tegar macam aku. lol.

then jalan jalan pharmacy, terjumpa lagi sunblock murah

oke bukan lah murah pun, tp sebab pack dia kecik. MYR 6 or 7 macamtu. 
ini pun lebih kurang lancome tu jugak. ni aku beli masa baru start project baru. sekali wipe je peluh kat muka dengan handkerchief, habissss. kena reapply. tapi tangan aku dah kotor macam macam ni. buruh kasar la katakan. tp bau dia best. fresh je bau handkerchief aku biarpun hari menjelang petang. hah kau bahasa puitis pula. so in a way, aku pakai pakai, tak pakai tak pakai. cam takde rasa obligated sangat la.

then  bila project aku towards the end dah. and lagipun aku cam rajin je buat lawatan berkala ke pahrmacy berdekatan, aku pun terdetik nak beli sunblock baru. this time around aku ingat yang dulu aku pakai sunplay, langsung xsticky kan. so i got myself this

hah alang alang kan, SPF 130 terus!
and i super love it!
white powdery finish, not sticky at all, no strange sensation upon application, sweat proof, water proof, i like it at the first touch.
keberkesanan has yet to be tested sebab sekarang sun exposure aku not as much as before.
tapi aku still berpeluh dekat muka tapi bila wipe tu kan, pat pat gitu je. jangan terusss wipe atas ke bawah pusing pusing gosok pulak muka lagi. gentle je. tapi kadang kadang je pun aku gentle. kate kurang sikit berpeluh sekarang hehe.
tapi 1 thing for sure, aku xpakai bedak or jauh sekali mekap ape pegi keje sekarang. memang plain face bangun tido mandi, the tu je la muka aku sampai ke petang. malam kalau keluar baru mekap sket. kang expired mekap aku tp still taj luak membazir tau. haha.
so bile sunblock ni dah ada macam kesan pemutihan sikit, macam double the effect macam aku pakai bedak gak la. tapi aku rasa natural je kot. sehari dua lepas pakai, balik HQ office tak kena bebel lagi sebab dah hitam. sebaliknya mendapat shocked faces.
"nampak lain"
"nampak lain hor. kurus?"
"meiyo. ada putih sikit leyh"
"putih dan kurus isn't it?"
"ya lor putih. tapi kurus takda nampak"

hahha terus aku gelak evil. lepastu baru cakap thanks to my brand new sunblock. bagi i putih macam i pakai bedak sikit. lol.

dekat site pun dah berapa kali orang cakap aku makin putih. i take it as a compliment always sebab satu, projek aku dah nak siap pun, tak payah berpanas berhujan sangat lagi, so kulit pun dah boleh cerah balik. dua, sebab memang betul pun, nampak putih sikit. padahal sebenarnya tak sangat pun hahah.

sekian. selamat mencuba!