Monday, April 16, 2012

to the green; alternative(s)

i'm on my way to be fabulous because im on my way adapting GREEN!
simply green.

u probably have heard enough on the word, and its associates. reduce-reuse-recyle, no-plastic-bags-saturday, consume-local-products, go-organic etc etc. but how exactly u had that incorporated to become somewhat a norm in daily life? or u just dont care?

UTP has been very good introducing no polystyrene policy in the cafes. extra twenty (or was it fifty?) cents charged for tapaw-ed food and the cafes has to change either paper wraps or cardboard like food container. some went extra mile by bringing their own container. and that is real green!

my long time friend who sometimes was my employer, truly into organic goods. food yeah, and also dishwashing liquid. since we sometimes make a living deep in the jungle, he kinda at his best to not to disturb the ecological biological harmonic balance by not introducing foreign chemical into the place.
i saw the product in the store. too expensive imo.

okay okay so how am i doing now? wayyyyy long to go to be that fabulously green. 

1. toothpaste - i kinda hated the mint in any toothpaste had. so i opted for salt. at the moment i have this himalayan salt. the taste is good. not heavy menthol after effect to the least. but only on occasional basis. the packaging of thecomercial paste is way too convenient to resist.

2. pack food from home - so i pack some chocolate drink, some bread with spreads, fruits, and plain water for like every morning? and i also get this BPA free water tumblers but but but i pack my food in ziplock sandwich bags. not too green. too lazy to wash reusable container? soo me!

3. i run on myself - not sure how this is green but it certainly natural. i started off as a kind of therapy with some minimalist way but now i think im very comfortable to walk or run on my foot, barefooted. training shoes that may cost me at least some 200++ can stay on the shelves until someone else picks u up.

eh only 3? and its not even a regular practice? baby steps, baby's steps.