Monday, October 12, 2009

c.o.o.l.n.e.s.s redefined

ok this is really, really interesting.

remember once upon a time i did ask around on how to connect LAN n WIFI at once?
i was still young and still with fedora back then. (lasem or awal semni je pun~)
i didn't manage to do it and considering the LAN connection is better then the wifi, and found a better way to get rid of the network policy block thingy so i dont care much anymore.

but today.. without any effort.. it. just. happened.
sooooo essing (seriously) cool~!

am just switched to wifi for few minutes, i get back to the lan connection, but in my xp (the vm) the ip looks different. plus the other numbers looks like the wifi connection is currently turned on. really, i was like soooo 'ouh really' when the page redirected to the streamyx login page. (and yes, the GadisHub also went off because of this)
b4 i've never tried to use the wifi connection on the xp because i guess its not yet installed. not sure though, i just played the freshly-formatted image from someone.

any body care to explain the science behind?
the ip table looks normal and no routing alteration has been done.


  1. wohhh.. gadishub.. hahahaha.. report2

  2. laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...teknik nih da lama aku guna sejak wifi ditubuhkan kt utp. kt vmware (virtualbox aku tatau) ada option nak pakai NIC mana untuk ethernet dia. kalau nak pakai wifi, install minimal 50mb base system, then letak squid. kalau nak pakai wifi, pakai poksi tu. wakaka.

    p/s: nak ip pls. xpat nak mengarut kt gadushub.

  3. kat mane nak carik option tu bob?
    sbb ade satu icon je, lan punye je.. then suke2 die je nak jd wifi ke lan conected.
    kne refer ip sume baru tau tgh on conn ape..

    so.. disebabkan skang terwifi n aku xreti nk pilih katne.. gadishub is off.. (obviously sbb aalim ugut, wakaka)

    out btw.. mirc is now back online! :D

  4. eena, mirc outside ke irc.utpchat?

  5. i suppose u refer that to my last line.
    irc.utpchat :)

  6. aku tatau. vbox tak penah pegang. wakaka. tanya kekuatan, dia pakai vbox.