Tuesday, May 14, 2013

tips sharing on wellness

okay, although i may not (again, disclaimer here) appear to be as fit as someone who would give out tips on wellness, i believe i would just drop a couple should anyone might benefit from it.
not to mention i also forgot them at times, lol me!

  1. when u feel like having some kind of sickness, consider pooping. im not quite sure hows that relates to the better feeling, but it works for me when i had motion sickness due to long journey, period pain, and just whenever i had the growling stomach. some suggested that our poops are actually toxic and given certain condition, it might toxicate our body hence the sickness experienced. which could be true indeed. 
  2. when u had stomach pain, drink milk. im a big fan of fresh plain milk. anytime over any water. i always get the pain when i took spicy foods in which i suspect couldnt tolerate well in my gastronomic environment. i suppose milk have the dilution effects or emulsification of some sort.
  3. when u feel like improving ur bad sleeping habits (any other sleep time outside the optimum 10 to 2 o clock), exercise. be it running, swimming, dancing, any other activity u can squeeze into ur day. the concept is to get your body utilising whatever energy fed on the day. and in my case, to calm down some adrenaline rush that frequently happen. i feel good when i sweat. its a kind of detox, too. plus, who doesnt love healthy glow blushed effect u get after a good workout!
that should do for now.
perhaps i could go through some other tips worth knowing on essentials like salt and its universal usage. 

thank you very much should you find this writing useful, do share with me if u have some :)

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