Tuesday, May 14, 2013

running for beginners. the DON'Ts!

im a beginner for a few years to date. simply because i never made any significant progress on that because i had my on and off season having me to start over every few months or so.
it doesnt matter much because i dont intend to be a competitive runner, just maintaining my fitness and health and just for the fun of it.

due to my knee injury previously, i had adapted barefoot running. and the rule of thumb of the practise is start slow. thats what ive been doing lol.

so anyway, here's some mistakes i did learnt in the hard way (i currently had 2 large blisters formed on my soles at the moment.

  1. stay alert to the voice of your surrounding. for every possible reason. as i ran in non isolated area, it is expected to encounter another runner, approaching vehicles, another people and we have to stay alert to either give way, run away, or throw a smile away. because nobody wants tragedy.
  2. stay focused on the trail. although it doenst mean to fix your eye gaze 45 degrees downwards at all times, unless u were running on a uniformed platform, it pays to not to be distracted even by a second. that was how i got my first cut. i was looking at a text on my phone (not to mention i ran not in a peace of mind because i had some quarrelling with my err my.. oh nvm. which is also make up another BIG FAT NO) i stepped a rock or roots and i continue running until the target mile point and noticed a bleeding cut when i lifted my foot. and super pain synchronzedly registered right to my brain. pfft. thats about how i got my blister tonight too, as i keep looking on my phone checking the time to end my run. i overstrided the uneven tarmac road and booms, i immediately feels the burning sensation.
lastly, always picture the form to minimize the chances of getting any kind of injury. glad to say that these blisters was my second ever since i addicted into this barefoot running. the first one is formed due to exxessive star jumps anyway. 

till then, continue to live healthily peeps! 

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