Friday, July 16, 2010

no-rush rule for distro upgrade

yeah. i've been living that for this time around. the latest ubuntu release is last April for 10.04 version (pretty obviously, 10 for 2010 and 04 for April). being new in this arena, i always found myself eagerly counting days for the new releases. butt. eh but! (thanks to despicable me. good watch. book ur tix now!) early stable release also got bugs! i used to have thoughts like only alphas and betas got bug. butt (not again.. anybody got the full movie download link already?) but, i got the whole system messed up during one upgrade i has to revert everything back to previous version.

now i'm here hopefully wiser and lot more cool-er. i only did my upgrade on june and it works just fine. yeay!! for the world~~!

actually i was thinking to have a full makeover of my lappy.. like spring cleaning or something whereby u know, put everything in order, partitions are neatly arranged, swap space is sufficiently set up, like u know.. girly box summore, mak mentua tengok boleh pleased teros, kihkih~

eh here's the tip! remember i once happy for easyLife for fedora? (psst, its here!)
now let us spread the happiness with a much alike (or is it much better? kihkih)
the step is like as easy as abc. once the install is finished, download the script and run and allow some time for the completion (very much depends on ur preferences and connection speed)
download here, now!

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