Thursday, November 19, 2009

a good night wish

its me, again!
yes you just happened to click on my site so don't look back. its your future now, at least for the next few second before you hit the cross button or better yet, opt for many links provided for your convenience here :D

so let's do this. for once. after so long.

i have to sleep at normal hour!! i must have to be in bed early!
and wake up to the sun rise and have a breakfast, a good one.
that was supposed to be great, don't u think so?

well.. wish me luck!

p/s: less socialized kinda live i am living. gotta be a good wife ^_^
(in the future-laah)


  1. a good......w ife... more like... a good scripting wife who automates all house chors... -___-"

  2. ahahaha nais wan kelkatu
    btw gulak

  3. i won't do scripting. its not my chore. you both do and i'll sudo apt-get-ed to it.
    then onli it'll b nice. ur wifeys shud be happy, too.

    that reminds me of this one interviewer who can't afford to mess up the room for like months or years and not happy about it.
    he's on this one project and stay in one fine hotel room.
    and he is not happy about it.

    lets live in this messy life and be happy bout it :D

    a good wife is a happy wife ^_^

  4. ayat awai loya tekak dengaq..hahaha...

    ekh gulak kat kamu eena!

  5. awat loya lagu tu tekak pulak aih farah~ weyh wacegif yu getbek aa.. i gif u edi, u shud gimme back.. folo aa aku gak!!

    lagu pa tu aalim, ada ka skerip buleh otomet house chores?

    /mode kontraktor anggun dalam masyarakat cum a good wife ^_^