Sunday, November 22, 2009

the cloudy days

aku rasa sedikit gloomy sejak akhir akhir ni
kurang bersosial (sejak foundation, aku rase sem ni paling super-behave, ouh dengan time intern, sbb masa tu utp-sick n xde ramai close friends around)
kurang spend time sama sama rakan rakan yang selalunya waktu waktu macam ni berhempas pulas dalam kesejukan iklim IRC
most of the time aku ada dekat bilik je, kalau tak study for the papers, aku study for subject2 lain, klik facebook, layan emails, layan forum, layan blog, melawat laman-laman berlubang dan lain lain.

how i wished masa berlalu lebih cepat.. quickly get over with this, get a couple of rocky jobs and settle down with a steady one.. see.. i'm eager to flip to the next chapter of life, oo yeah~~

the cloudy factor? maybe... maybe je laaa, i wasn't sure either.. maybe its a mixed but this one sure the one contributing factor i guess..

the sayang got some hiccups.

not that i regret for what had happened, just that.. i feel the .. urm... forget it, its nobody's fault anyway. you know u'll certainly got this kind of feeling when ur very own sayangs got hurt~ auchh~