Saturday, September 24, 2016

such an underdog feeling

the other day i joined my friends for a coffee. catching up and just talk and talk.
so my friend introduced me to this FB group of which im excited about. im a little slow on these things. my friend is in his 40s if not 50s but i feel a bit older than to he is. *shrugs*

the thing about exposing self to the wide wild ocean.. it took me awhile to sink in.. how insignificantly small i am as compared to them giant whales and dolphins and mantaray whatever. still havent quite recovered from the shock. 

finding the right method to propel my way up aint easy task. i never had to think about this all this while. u know, my intelligence got it covered most of the time. do my things right, score in exams, fill up my times gaining new skills and practice them perform beyond the classroom and wallah i earned that tight spot. i bagged written certs n scrolls to mark my achievments. and then i digest them books and standards and technical specs i can explain well the hows and whys and when people dont listen i cant help but to shut them off. and i feel rightfully so. terminating people and companies is one of my major guilty pleasure. eliminating cause of problem is one of my way to solve a problem. damn cruel but it gets the job done so i didnt do anything wrong alright? not once people telling to my face my attittude is like sheet. but my paymasters like it, im all protecting their interest as long as im doing that, my paycheck never betrayed me. who cares them haters, eh.  

apparently that wasnt good enough. nobody gonna trust me with their money if i am me hahah. bitter truth. im a terrible person as a person. my intelligence has never been proven so limited until now. my crappy people skill will only get myself buried alive. earning a spot in very general setting could be fierce or rough idk i never been there myself! i dont do a job in this capacity im creating one. i dont get automatically paid a the end of every month i gotta work for every ringgit coming in! need to work even more to keep even more of them sweet money coming! im sensing they using different approach to this? yes? no? 

its pressing me just to think about it so i avoided to even think about it anymore. but i want to think about it now. my little incapable self got to start crawling before taking that first baby steps. 

name of my business - something not mouthful. now i have a mouthful name. how do i shorten it?? penjelajah perak emas. tongue twister much? i cant even put it PPE. what? personal preservation of elite? at ease? extraordinaire? earning? economic. preservation of personal economy. personal.preserve.enrich.empower.

finding the right time to sell - sensibly, u gotta have monthly allocation to buy my products la people. do i even need to really tell u this? u have monthly budget for fancy coffee and flowy tudungs why cant u portion out a little to build something that u can recover back with little depreciation or about the same value or even more in the future? u buy cars for its resale value, no? 

target group to buy my products - people of working  class. sell as gift item. sell as souvenir, sell as commemorative token. sell beyond its face value and metal value. all those money u spend u sure have some more money to save. 

the reason im selling what i want to sell - its one of the simplest form of physical asset. a wealth u can hold, carry, inherit, buy and sell with it. its like money but its not money. it used to be money until they revise the money system. but if its not money banks keep buying them. countries keep buying them. they use them to pay debts. if it works in large scale why cant it work in small scale?

channels to market my products - friends and families.. through online medias of course.

where to sell - instagram and facebook. am looking as physical shops to place samples, too. or sell on weekends

little report on how he progress so far...

i'll be honest now. the return so far is pretty handsome. no complain on this. buyers are not skimping once they know the worth of things they are buying. 
but the cashflow is not that smooth flowing. i cant seem to penetrate into new people much?

there must be a way.. right?

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