Monday, September 12, 2016

charting a new normal

oh i cant sleep so here goes. another blog post hehe

i have been putting a lot of thoughts to this phrase.
'the new normal'
trends, hypes, fads, virals. all its other names.

i was never a follower to these things. shifting from information age to big data age made me learn a thing or two about the fast information travel. first, people never really cross check their info. second, people are eager to feel useful and having sense of purpose. being the first to pass the info can give that satisfaction. third, people love to correct. it doesnt take much to trigger but people can really go on and on beyond the issues at hand.

filtering facts from opinion also seems to be a thing of the past. doesnt matter hitting the sentiments, offensive or not, its what that sells and that will be just what that will be reported as headline. RIP journalism. it crushed my heart when the saying 'a picture can tell a thousand words' now backfired. people can really make up more than a thousand stories from one single picture alone. again, doesnt matter the truth, as long as it sells, it garners likes shares and comments.

so, back to the title.. the new normal. i am always a big believer to fundamental approach. if it ticks all the basics then its for me. i dont wear fancy clothes with ruffels because that might go out of trend and i can use it anymore. i tend to buy as plain clothings as possible because thats the basics. its very hard to change my own mindset and view that that is not where the trends, hypes, fads, and virals is. take beauty for example. how cosmetics company made millions n billions selling unfundamental products. how fashion magazine firms is the cooler workplace of choice than the engineering and architecture firms.

something must be right somewhere.

i suppose it must still be revolving around one fundamental thing or two. instead of purpose, they pulling the crowd by... something very basic, too.
fast real measurable results?

gotta have more intense series of shower thoughts to all this questions hehe

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