Saturday, September 10, 2016



we are born leaders. however small our unit is, we all indeed are. first we lead ourselves to the correct path n pray for always shed in the light of guidance. then take a forward step.

my main area of concern is the sustainability. individual, family, community, country, world as a whole an of course, in the hereafter too. big words. but if we can chunk it out into smaller easier to digest chapters, its not impossible.

riding the wave of tough times now and ahead, its important to go back to basic, get down to the fundamental of things. as basic as water and food. as fundamental as cash holding and commodity keeping.

so i am appointing myself to #takecharge in advocating many others to also actively #takecharge of themselves too. a little goes a long way, i really look forward to work on it.

and... not too early to credit my soon to be #takecharge partner onboard, too. two is better than one, huh?


because instead of panicking ourselves over the ever shocking news headlines and complaining and finger pointing, why dont we channel that strong feeling do something about it. we might not be able to do it all but we've got to start somewhere, no?


i am just a concerned citizen. with little experience and knowledge in life and huge curiousity.
and my main target crowd after my family is my neighbours. and then the people in my city. it will be tailored so both urban and rural people will find it useful to them


now is good. procrastination can wait.

i shall work on the timeline first. charting the matters that matter first and then conditioning the #takecharge as new normal and elevate the comfort level to suit different level of interest and capacity.


areas of impact would be led with the closest to self. it is always a priority. increase the capacity as we go along.

as for the medium of interaction, riding on the hype of social media as we know it today would suit the purpose just find. facebook will be the primary platform, supplemented by instagram too.
physical interaction will also be considered if it sees fit.


i have yet to figure. establishing a steady informed follower group would take a wow marketing to achieve.

i envisioned #takecharge to be one of the primary go-to channel of getting practical do's and dont's of every day things in life.

nice write ups, interesting graphics, reliable source of infos.. mostly just compiling or translating the ready materials to the local audience.

ideas remain ideas until i actually #takecharge to get one move up. lets do this!

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