Monday, September 12, 2016

#mytakecharge the take off

we are still in the midst of setting up.. building content.. fronting objectives of this name.

it is supposed to be just a platform to raise awareness. one of the many.

i envision we could eventually inculcate this as a habit and elevate the practice as a new normal. just one person in one family is adequate; given the current state of preparedness in most families.

but lets be honest.. it sounds dull. i wonder if putting numbers would make it all more exciting? ending the persuasive with a clear call for action.

oh.. perhaps that is going to require damn interesting marketing.. maybe thai level. lol. at first u look at it interesting, the next u sakit hati why so funny, then u got the message. damn brilliant!
yeah. lets do that!

ok first thing first get those infographics up!!

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