Thursday, May 6, 2010

oh where is the sound

ok last night when i got home, first thing i did is turning my sayang on.
i just got my hard disk full with new movies, -thanks to the geek house-.

and it happens that when i play, no sounds came out. i tried with different players but negative. so i reboot.

then i reboot again.

again and again.

i gave up and tried the older kernel

now it works!

so i take my time watching a movie.. with some background process,running in the background (i now managed to watch many videos in full screen mode. talk about loneliness n boredom)

in the meantime, i posted a question in #ubuntu-my
which later somebody posted a link

this morning i reboot in the default kernel and followed the instruction in the link

ouh before that i just randomly
sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart 
that went ok but the sound not yet there

bla bla bla.. the hardware is there n recognized, kernel got the sound packages, so seems like nothing is actually wrong

but the last line,

sudo alsa force-reload

made me i finished another movie :)

really, the next problem that i need to fix, i'll ctrl+f 'finally' in the troubleshooting page

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