Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tengku Eena rase inspired bile bace n tgk gambo orang2 yg passionate dgn sesuatu yg they really good at while i'm still figuring out mine

i just come across some blogs and multiplies of people who love to run. the race entries, the race-pack-collection to finishing line stories.

its safe to say that i hate run. the athletic and competitive one of course.
but u'll easily spot me running around, instead of walking. that one is simply because i just love to get there faster, less tiring that way. i run in the office, to and from the house and train station, room to kitchen, upstairs, and downstairs too when my knee is good.
yeah, i suffer from (minor) runner's knee for quite a number of months. i'm not even a runner!

from what i read, running may result in injury and pain.
but they bear with it for various worthy reasons.

in a way they enjoy it as much as they suffer.
i think this is cool.

it looks real simple though, just run and keep going for one hour or two, and there.. the milo van waiting with refreshing cups.
courage and determination will make it to the finish line
and the fitness and endurance is something that needs to be built up, its not simply inherited or blended in the DNA
only then comes good cushioned footwear, nice quick dry singlet, and energy liquids and chews
sounds pretty hard now.

cool, huh?

as for me,
i started to love race, its a runway of good shaped dudes and dudettes
runners, thanks for the inspiration!

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