Thursday, May 27, 2010

oh putus

i am no superwoman nor wonderwoman. when i tried to fix things, there will still be two possibilities; OK and not OK.

but its ok though, i know very well my strength on living with broken stuff, those OK items wont last long, some thing will sooner or later happen.
as usual, i will dedicate my entire brain and muscles to fix it, anyway i can. which will certainly give another two kinds of possibilities; better or worse.
later i keep myself sane with one simple phrase; whatever that works, whichever gets me there.
no matter how sophisticated or silly my methods are.
and if u were to realize, our planet earth is now connected, from one end to another end, no excuse for such thing as lost contact these days.
cable. thanks to the cables.

it laid out underground, subsea, elevated above ground, and surrounds us.
i might just start about radiation effect here but hey, since i mentioned it already, you go google-lah, be more resourceful citizen please.

as much as i redha that i breathe the rotten egg or kentut smell of H2S that might cost my life, i will accept those radiation effect, too.
but please, enlighten me, just for this one time, for once, if its not too much

bakpe kebel saye putuh sokmo. kalo dok putuh macang kene kerat pung adela selai due sub-kebel die putuh gok lah lah. pisa, laiter, skrudrebar, sume kene keep handy.

this kind of situation kind of hurt my image. my reputation is now at stake.

now do me a favour. tell me im not alone. i'll feel much better.
thank you in advance
here, one cute emoticon --> ^__^

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