Monday, April 26, 2010

oh that dream gain

the song in my rhythmbox playlist was wrong no matter how much i next-ed it
the fan speed was too fast yet i sweat
i feel fat when earlier today i noticed my jeans is loosen

i had the dream again.
in my dream, i challenge it to be just a dream.
but everything was so real.
so i believe.
just to be awake, and realize
that was still a dream.

i love it when you friends are around.
where i can forget things
n go random

and when im all alone, i think of it
and realize that
im all alone
and that dream, comes to me randomly
so i can smile, and shower with love 
even in just a short while
i tried to intelligently digest the message
but what could it really be?

when im miserable,nothing was right.
maybe what i need is just a hair cut.
or just a trim.

ouh.. got something here..
so yeah, the stage is yours!
i'll try to be honest all i could

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