Thursday, May 17, 2012

sweet dream

yesternight i had a dream.

it was a scary one. i was really scared. but somebody hold my hand. tight.
i feel calm. we both scared. at least it made both of us inhaling and exhaling in an orderly manner.
i want nothing else but to hold the hands. the source of strength of some sort.
it was a guy. i dont know how the dream started but he is my husband.
i trust him to lead me to the right path. i know he would.
i feel so blessed being married.

i never knew it would be that powerful, just a mere soft touch of hands.
i hope i will preserve the pure feeling until that very day.
let's try..
strictly no handshake to any non muhrim!!!
and that applies to my close family but still non muhrim
so to my friends who are very close to me like a family but similarly non muhrim
and to my boyfriend oh wait what? i never have one you silly!

now.. is this a really a sweet dream or a wet one?

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