Monday, May 7, 2012

The Hunger Games Trilogy

Sapa ada? have u finished reading? do you feel like reading it again?

if not, why dont u sell it to me? can you, please?

i would actually love to propose this kind of book exchange meetup. we might not really want to sell our books for cheap but we are less likely to be reading it again, soon. one book might costs us some good MYR 30 plus plus. once we finish reading, we cant wait getting a new one.

i always found looking for books is not easy. even i preread the few intro pages, read the back cover synopsis, i still dont know if its a good read and worth buying. and that book review n recommendations in the latest mags or papers? soory to say i really have a very limited option down south here. 

so if there's any reader's meetup anywhere nearby, please please please let me know. else, if there's not any around, let's be the host!!

oh yes, if i happen to buy The Hunger Games books set of three, i might want to sell it back, haha~ so yeah, prebook is open now!!

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