Friday, November 12, 2010

a pair of healthy knee for the anggun ones!

alhamdulillah, my knee is ok now

its been awhile since i last had those pain in my knees.. i must thanked the articles that we can easily digest from the google keyword of 'barefoot'. would be a waste indeed if i'm not doing my part of sharing!

let us begin with some trus story of myself, shall we?
During Deepavali holiday last week i've been to a 3-days hiking trip to Gunung Semangkuk in Fraser's Hill. i know its been quite few times i went into the lovely rainforest since last 6 years. but only this time, i prepared myself a first aid kit, and a survival kit. its a diy thingy, so i can save on cost! haha~
being eager on setting up those kits like a true jungle survival, i forgot my ever so essential since last few years, the knee guard. i only noticed this when i feel the pain at the left knee ligament as i'm going my way ascending and descending in Day 1 of the trip. it hurts whenever i bend my knee. but i left with no option but moving forward.
we have 2 more challenging days to go and i was very worried!

i wasn't expecting this but i feel no pain on the consecutive days even after the expedition!

as according to my readings, the barefooters' aim is to utilise the feet just like it's been engineered to be. we dont absorb the impact with the thick cushioned snickers and transfer it to the knee, but dozens of tiny bones in our feet is just sufficient to take it so spare the knees to do the bending alone.

i were once regret of my choice for having adidas kampung or kasut getah to be my official trekking shoes. i was wrong! guess what? i've got my latest pair lately, in white, nerdy white!

the thin and flexible sole with one-piece make is truly awesome! it doesn't refrain the movement of the foot and toes like the so-called modern shoes did. maximising the real potential of the feet, so to speak.

its not about the gears alone. walk properly!
remember the advise to land on the heel during walking or running by the sport experts? great, few years after that, u'll be hearing from another experts, orthopedic telling that u r overusing ur knees and some parts of it are already worn out. wonderful! slash that.
now we land on the front end of the foot, not the toenails but the ball of the foot. its the spot just behind the toenails. the impact will be well distributed among the bones and doing the knees a lot of favour! less likely to have the ankle injury as well i suppose.

alhamduLillah, i'm very comfortable with my knees now. no more pain. i wish that i can return to my first real hobby doing hiking activities more regularly after this :)

got a knee problem of your own? dont feel too bad about it and keep it to yourself, just share!

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