Tuesday, September 15, 2009

problem of the day

1. couldn't start applications under the administrative task.
the error
xauthorization bla2..

2. google and found that it actually just need a restart which actually might makes sense because i just installed my vmware. so there i go, long abandoned restart button.

3. then couldn't login due to no free spaces, so the GDM cant create session n login not possible.
that's the error msg.. and i was like, trying to change session, but i don't have much of desktop environment anyway. so none will get me into the system. not even the terminal session.

4. panic mode.. haha.. ok, not really, i always had problems anyway so its no use to be that panic.

5. grab the live cd. my only hope that i could think of.

6. on terminal: sudo su, to be the root that can access my home folder.

7. on file browser, copy files from folders in home folder.. apparently i cant delete or cut-&-paste the files

8. remove the original files to free some spaces up.

9. things went ok when restarted.


living open source way is not always that beautiful.

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