Saturday, May 2, 2009

kemaskini, pengakuan, luahan, azam & kesimpulan

1) i've created a new url for my photoblog. feel free to visit and do drop comments n ciritics.

2) something came up yesternight (while we are having dinner). so i left early.

sorry i didn't make it for mekdi-ing. maybe not in the mood.

3) its been a while since i last hangout with the boyfriends, taking photos. they demand models n girls. but nobody can get one. i can't help though. shooting aweks is not my cup of tea. so yesterday's plan ends up with nothing. i startled by the kupih's shot of birds and feel like going to that kind of place. zhee was right. how can i do that with my 18-55mm? so no outing for today.

4) i need to get rid of these kind of uneasy feelings because i need to do my FYP slides tonight. plus, i can't eat nor sleep well today but i need to sleep n eat well from now on.

5) i don't know what did i do this whole semester but.. hey this is life!

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