Saturday, May 23, 2009

a chix of cambridge

i'm on linux. fedora 10 cambridge. like.. in my 5th day.

why linux? why open source? because.. i. just. can.
it is that simple.
i've been on win for forever.. until i finished my second last paper on my second last semester.

so will you join us?
check this out fosschix. if i can, u should, too! using pirated stuff are not that schweet, people =p

why now?
because i just got a break from hectic exams, i just got to buy dvd's to put few files in and i can't burn cd with my lappy, usb creator didn't work well, i'm not in the mood of watching movies/ series (not even to download).

will that makes me a g33k?
sorry, no!
i'm doing all this stuff while having good manicure done and the Digital Camera Magazine on my lap while chatting with housemates and roomate. i mean, other things attract me more than these.

OK OK maybe i'll read the commands.. basic unix commands.. and run a few.
but believe me.. i dont fancy monochrome-unreadable-words that much.

its just all exciting! of discovering new things!
who says the 'curiousity kills the cat?' pity him!

edited: the screenshots