Friday, May 15, 2009

exam kills.

feel like going home.

uyu must b happy at the moment. congrats sis. do well in ur study. and be good, too.
its been long since we last met.. raya perhaps?
then u were having exam, then working, and working.. far n further..
great experience, huh?
hey, i've google-earthed ur future place! :D nice though!

haven't met abang for a while, too.
business running well? ouh i should have a look at ur place.
ade sen lebih bwk mak gi jalan2 jom!

and i miss everyone at home (or homes, for that matter).. every single thing.
jojo n jojie.. missing ur kak eena x?

makk... abahh ~~ nk balikkkkk...

n i knoe i miss more than i can say..
i knoe very well that i won't get it even if i'm home.

having 3 papers in a row and two other with one-day gap each. it kills!


  1. bleh tak nak tau. siapakah orangnya di sebalik penjelajah jujur ni yer? :)