Thursday, January 22, 2009

virtual melody

it wasn't really a mistake but i know i am responsible make things getting worse by now. the past is nothing that can be reformat. but the future is open wide for us to pick the right arrow.

hate it when i have to pretend. i should just say a lot of yes'es but the no's seems more appropriate back then. the days i were young. the days i thought i have plenty of times to think of a single yes. chemistry thingy might just be another ridiculous joke, but it happens. it took me long to realize one. so long that i think there's no turning point. the plenty time is now little.

i need the hands to guide me through. the hands that i longed, that might dissolve over time. blame me for my mistakes. i scratched the hands. i thought it is fine, but it was bad. 

i was bad. scold me now. hold me back. i'll keep it, the way it should be.

do i deserve a chance...