Friday, January 16, 2009

the number one

mase kecik-kecik, saya ade diari-diari. menarik, ade map, currency exchange rate, holiday, all-year calendar, kata2 menarik, n mostly, diari ni ade kelas tersendiri, that makes them them worth called 'diary'.

isinya? very, very, few! i dont update them much.

so what i did was to write down when i feel like on what i feel like in where i feel like. and i keep it. years later, i still do have them. just pieces of secretly-complicatedly-folded papers.

tengok2 balik, x byk berubah, in one sense, n byk berubah, in many senses.

as of now. i feel like to keep it this way.

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