Friday, September 19, 2014

branded stuff; yay or nay?

heres the quick update fr the previous post. i couldnt get my complete supplies in just yet, i coulnt start the project just yet. bleargh. and oh, some items do not suitable for the projects too. but it shall be put into a good use one the following stage should i get this whole thing actually started.
hiccups. but im in it to win it. insyaAllah :)

ok back to our topic title.. do you prefer branded goods or just anything, regardless of the brand, as long as you feel like you could get it. i mean, of course, if we could afford it all. doesnt matter if we dont, but the overall shopping criteria that is. am i mumbling useless words in here? lol

heres the thing. i appreciate quality, the engineering behind and good and fine workmanship. so, yay for brand to me. 

i tried not to be a victim of capitalism (mehh) and avoid paying the premiums for the marketing these brands have, so sometimes i'll be sourcing for unpopular no brand goods and tried to call myself a bargain hunter. while it cost me less than that of well known brand of similar items, it really challenge my tolerance for quality and reliability too. 

knowing my wide range of interest of hobbies, i rely on my equipments a lot. my Nikon was amongst me first big purchase. i opted the brand than the infamous counterpart, Canon,  simply because it feels right in my hand. the way it fits when i grip it. its a neverending comparison between these two (other brands was rather new at the time) so come decision making time, i tend to inclined to these hidden and unexplainable cues and happily exchange my hard earned money with. 

with the limited resource and unlimited needs and wants it kind of and eyesore for me for those who doesnt appreciate the good goods they have. now im going to sounds like a boring aunty here. i owned a cheap rucksack back then. and i happen to mingle with richkids a lot back then. so obviously their rucksacks are those top in the line and they didnt even pack it well to make it serve the purpose well. i mean, its like they are carrying this four figures priced pack for a few hourse hike and they didnt pack and buckle up properly and they complaint how they got back pain later on? seriously??? even my el cheapo packs can be set up to be more comfortable than their badly used packs.

alright the reason im writing these because i just watched a video on this rich blogger, a daughter of some rich parents, showing her jewellery collection. one whole island wardrobe, few customised drawer to nicely display each and every necklaces bracelets bangles and rings with dedicated velvet trays and all. and you wont believe me where she stored he watches. she got one nice watchbox too, with slots of ten if im not mistaken, but some of them stored in jewellery box, like u do with ur pins!
maybe her watches are expensive enough it wont easily get scrathed and dinged but.. poor watches. they have their pride telling u time, ticking every second even without u wearing, but u put them inside that tiny box like tuna in a can? 

these are also why im a very bad at fashion, clothings, shoes and anything in that department. i dont want to spend so much but i look into the quality if the fabric feels right, if the seams are tight, if the cutting fits my body right. and more often than not, these doesnt come as cheap. the cheap ones is not as good. so i end up bot buying, and keep using the ones i already hv until i cant wear them anymore and forced to be replaced and forced to buy cheap not quality pieces. thats pretty much the cycle. 
sometimes i feel like i could design my own clothes, my own shoes, so i can reserve my comments how badly constructed things are and still be able to dress well. 

but one thing for sure, whatever weightage that governs my decision making acquiring anything i owned, i commit to it. once i have it, i wl appreciate it sometimes a little too much. one of my hiking pants has torn so much but i find a way to patch it up and proudly wearing them again n again because i just can. talk about a deep sense of attachment, i am no lack in that.

*flips hair*

till then, hv a nice day peeps :)

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