Monday, September 8, 2014

back in business, insyaAllah

yeap. penJelaJahJuJur is thinking of going back into the business.

going back. not going into. gahh i almost forgot i did had some kind of business back then.
albeit a questionable succession achieved. LOL!
but hey, i didn't flop the whole thing so it was rather ok thing going.
it doesn't pay very well, but what i appreciate the most is the convenience it serves people and me, too. a big plus point too when you love what you are doing and the ringgit that comes is bonus.

but business is business. we still have to serve people well and get the profit in return so it has to be taken care of very carefully, the people's expectation, trust, and the ringgits.

i had had my lesson.
my first business was selling prepaid reload. online basis. thats about it. people want, i give. and record. and thanks to my roomate back then, insisting me to chase them customers for payment. it was rather passive kind of marketing but using solely my student loan as the capital, i wasnt very happy having outstanding payment to receive anything above a couple of hundreds.
as a shy person, asking for payment is like wearing some funny mask on my face.
i dont handle my customers well even. it got into personals as well. as my buyers was just among friends, close friends, the conflict was rather childish but lets just hope i outgrew the attitude at this age. very paiseh.

so now, new chapter. new business. gotta have a lot more brainstorming but i got the initial steps taken in the parallel manner. paperworks, paperworks.
going to take sometimes before the actual product launching.

how do i get the idea..

it was 'hey, i need this stuff'
and then 'hey, i could make this'
and 'hey, i could sell this.. and.. profit!'

(note: read it in rather scientific manner like a scientist discovered something new. mythbuster much)

please pray for my success, people.

Thank you :)

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