Monday, July 14, 2014


The only creature who would resort to getting a hair cut in the to do list after any long tiring negotiation with life issues and missing the hair later only to grow the hair longer having the Disney's princess-ey look the longed.

One of the favourite past time activity she would enjoy doing by herself is playing dress up getting out her fav clothes, mix n match, dress and undress repeatedly and too tired to put it back nicely in the wardrobe and found herself go 'i have nothing to wear' every other day.

No matter how much a lady go around telling her friends 'im not like other ladies, i dont shop as much' chances are she definitely did not realize how much time she has spent wandering about that shopping mall and still have clothes in her closet she has not worn since she bought it unless of course during her play-dress-up time.

Never try to understand woman. We are too shy to admit these silly things.


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