Thursday, July 10, 2014

Of compliments

I just dont know how to take a compliment.

All i could ever exercise was
'Thank you, i take that as a compliment' generic, and somewhat cynical. But doesnt always get the priority placing in my real life one line response list.

When i was getting my pay rise, i accompanied a thank you with 'uh huh, whats the catch?' To. My. Boss.
Really, brain??? Wheres my manner?? It didnt see it coming twice increments on my second year but could hv responded better hows that too hard?

Or when people say i look thinner
'Ahh no, its the shirt. Im wearing one size up'
Why cant i just smile and say my thanks and perhaps compliment him/her back?

Now i think i should do that fr now on. Reply with a thank, and quickly gather one nice thing about the complimentor and smile while saying that and mean it
'Thank you, u look nice too!'
'Thank you, that shoes looks very good on you'

There must be one obvious thing that worth mentioning within 3 secs timeframe.

Now lets replay tonights happenstance
'Are you still studying? You looked very young'
'Nahh i think i look older than i actually am, sun beaten i must say'
'Thank you, i rarely get that compliment but really thank you. You look like losing a good deal on weight, eh? You look fabulous'
Oh come on. Fake is better than nothing right. I just know him last two weeks. He is thin like couldnt-care-less-to-eat-nor-even-bother-to-workout thin.

Or upon my comment
'I was like a robot throwing words in front there just now not actually giving a speech'
'No way u looked rather confidence despite being..pointless'
And perhaps i could be enlighted and replace this
'Nahh i think i can fake it at times'
To something like
'Do i? Ok looking forward to improve next time but really, thanks for the heads up'

Maybe i really wasnt born a nice person, but i want to at least be remembered as sometimes shes nice kinda person.

Lets work on it!

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