Monday, June 9, 2014

Resolution renew mid 2014

Jumping ship meant an upgrade in my career journey. Although advancing, i have yet again to put myself as a beginner to learn as much as possible and open up to new ideas.
High rise and commercial property is new to me. Its interesting to see this is the market trending it seems at least in klang valley area.
Has to put a lot of patience and gain the trust of the team since i am a newcomer and they have a different culture. Gotta learn to adapt adapt and adapt.
Try to not to eliminate any oncoming obstacles but to tackle and resolve them.

Personal development.
Read diff things. Current issues, general knoiwledge, economy, finance, and award self w chick lit reads every once in a while. Look for classes too perhaps?

Gotta start running, zumba, again. But i walked quite a distance to n fro train station to work so thats an everyday physical activity the least to be maintained. So unless got terrible insomnia eczema knee pain digestion prob, treasure this running holiday.
Perhaps could eye on charity works around kl area.
New hobby can wait.

Have all natural food. Go for least processed form.
Cut down sugar, salt & oil.
More fibers ie vege n fruits. Vary the colours.
Cook at home. Carry tenong to work.
Nevermind having simple meals as long as its healthy.
Good for the body, too.

One ringgit saved is one ringgit earned.
Nuff said.

Cash, valuables, invest.
Dump as many as possible in asb.
Periodically acquire precious metals or other valuables.

To put on hold
- gunung
- luxury

InsyaAllah lets work on it!

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