Friday, April 4, 2014

My dream, insyaAllah

These are the roadmaps of going forward, insyaAllah, jika panjang umur.
It has been on my mind for quute sometimes. It started not very long ago. Yeappp, im already in it why bother writing this down now?

Because i still not committed to any long term doings. Been traveling here and there and i got the unsettling feelings and i figured i havent really write down the vows!

I got the worst feeling when a week long hiking trips ended earlier than expected like, 'oh, i have to figure what to do next' like, 'i hated going back ths early to the civilization'. As much as i hate to admit, i didnt come out with a properly lined out planning!

So here goes.

1. Volunteer. I want to make a change, make the world better, and see myself not doing for money and profit. I want to get rid of the dependancy of money. I've got enough guilt to be cleansed thoroughly.
This would be as long as 1 or 2 yrs.

2. Then i'll get back to the world, and further my studies. Perhaps something in management. I do love the technicals, but management is what im truly lacking of and be of more necessity. So like construction management or project management would be nice.

3. Then i'll join back the workforce. I dont mind starting it all over again, but it will be my give-it-all-out again.

4. I foresee my early retirement, perhaps to kick starr somethinv i would call my own. My company.

Please, please, pray for me.

May Allah ease everything, Ameen.

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