Tuesday, March 15, 2011


fi u were to realize, this blog no longer had the post related to commercial photography by me.
its all been hid somewhere. hehe. kidding.
in actuality, i've launched another site or previously URLed as

with the separation of this emotional-ramblings-crisisful page with the photography ones, i want to technically deliver the message that its official now. (i intend to use the word 'professional' but well that's little too strong for this blog) yeah i eventually found the courage (thanks to my fellow friends) to go serious about this.

with the satu-dua-kandid! as the brand, the photos are simply presenting the action naturally with a personal touch to the clients. as the tagline goes : : : a k s i : : : s e m u l a j a d i : : p e r i b a d i : : :

being a Malay myself, the site is in Bahasa. i'm trying to be strict about this. hehe. if translating into Bahasa is very hard, then i'll try Terengganu dialect instead. lol~

so yeah, any further inquiries can directly contact me, i'm going to need the the dates and location only. is that sound fine? gonna have ur bigday soon? dont hesitate to turn to satu-dua-kandid! now!

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