Saturday, March 12, 2011

an elaborate tweet.

penJelaJahJuJur (eena)
perhaps i shud get a good read on how-to-get-people-do-things-i-wanted-to-get-it-done-and-i-want-it-now. lepak kinokuniya je la kot sok.

and i just tweeted.

here goes the eloborate version.

some of my friends may recall that some times ago, i do sell things which at first is for my convenience, and ended-up it could do the same for my peers.
some just order for it via online. and i, would be more than happy to give them what they wanted. while my products often sold out pretty fast, the margin is pretty low. i made like less than 10 percent? and cumulatively i've put two-grands as the capital. and that matters me not. because at the end of the day, my sole intention is just for my own convenience. only extended to my circle of friends and nothing more.
so wasn't doing business by technical definition, i just another little wiser of a consumer myself.

per say, i have a very little business sense. i eventually learn to manage the unpaid transaction by jotting them down. who,what, when. at one time, i got like RM100 with them on average. for a student with a scholarship,that is a huge portion already. it wasn't a problem either. i liked them to be hidden or else i might get them spent unknowingly.

so asking my customers to pay me is quite a hassle for myself. thanks to my close friends who keep advising me to do so. i don't know it just seems like a little inappropriate to ask my friends for money even its mine. however,like it or not, i have to have them in order to keep me roll the capital or simply just for my meals.

 after some times, i made a system to get everyone pay me by every wednesday. and that works. i announce that so-called policy so.. so? okay so i have something to quote when im in the midst of getting some bucks for my dinner. its much easier to say 'hello there.. its wednesday.. rm10 please' rather than 'hi, you havent paid right? u got some cash right now?' see. that sounds very not beautiful.

occay. let get this straight. here's the thing. i wanted something to get done by some particular people. how do i ask them nicely and get them do it without delay?
let us just raise some real issues here shall we
1) i feel like its asking a favour from that particular someone, so rushing in any way could be inappropriate
2) i allow some time. no rush. take your own sweet time. its not that urgent anyway.
3) i started to spot some issues with that particular someone. not keeping the words. you know i have a little tolerant with excuses, and can't take many of that. we can see how effortlessly thing goes, and i didnt see it any earlier. more frequent of a friendly reminder follows. i tried hard to digest the words of assurance these people got me.
4) i offer some money. didn't work so far. perhaps ppl know i dont have much of that. haha~
5) i've yet to get a fifth approach. i just hope kinokuniya got some.

and that, i believe my real experience that happens partly due to my lackings in the people skills. i could use better words to ask for a favour, give more effort to get it done, rush more, be more directive or arghh idk. please,enlighten me!

sometimes too much of words, simply the reaction of me when i started to get pissed off. or i already am. for that matter.

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