Thursday, June 10, 2010

nasik anyone?

so today, this very moment, i've come out with a conclusion for myself.
you know, all this while i dont fancy nasik that much

my favourable portion of nasik would be like half cup? (take normal serving to be one and a half)
and any (or many) people when looking at my plate will be like 'eena are you on diet or something?' or 'that equals to no nasik at all'

another, when deciding place to eat, i usually dont have any in mind. and if everyone must give one suggestion i'll just go 'anything but nasik'

what's so wrong with nasik actually?

here's the thing. when i had nasik, the plain rice, i need a lot of lauk pauk.
and when im done with it, i can still eat other food. breads, jajan, many.
nasik can fill my tummy up to a satisfactory level. but there still be something missing there.
then i'll go for breads, biscuits, goreng pisang, kopok.
so its kinda wasting; i spend more and i eat more, so i'll be having excessive energy to be converted into reserved form that is fat, and social standing on the lower level for i have less and less saving at the end of the month.

nasik is pointless for me, it cant get me full enough!

the way where many people claims a day wont be complete without nasik.
i, on the other hand, will be much better without nasik.

but i can finish a whole plate of coloured and flavoured rice just on its own.

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  1. kalo x mkn nasik at least skali shari,jadi lembik rasenya.huhu.