Wednesday, August 19, 2009


sooner or later.. aku kne realize ni da final sem
sooner or later aku kne realize fyp kne siap baru leh grad
sooner or later aku kne realize yg fyp aku tade kaitan on

1. how to increase perfomance of my fragile-n-old lappy
2. how to secure my machine
3. is ur box been friendly welcoming me
4. how to boost the ISO in low light yet minimising the noise effect with no post processing required

5. how to save a blurry captures and turn it dramatic
6. how to be friendly with clients so we can have a natural happy looking sequences
7. how to walk more n feel no pain
8. how to avoid drugs n stay healthy n fit
n the list goes on n on

tiba masa untuk fokes.

bai. gugel lu.

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