Saturday, October 13, 2012

RICH - The Capacity

i believe that humankind is so special that everybody has the potential to be great at some point.
the way i believe the opposition can do better beating the current ruling party that has over than 50 years of ruling the country. partly because we all need a new fresh restart sometimes.
when everything fails, try Restart button - Anonymous
but we dont all have the potential to be Rich. we dont need to. the world dont need too many of Riches. most people are basically equipped to support themselves, the family, to have a good and comfortable life. more people are actually want to become Rich. not many have the idea on how to get there, fewer than that actually made it.

i still believe people at my age, with more or less having the same background as i do, actually can be Rich. we could afford to do things, earn a reputable high paying jobs, drive fancy import cars, settle in a modern looking double storey corner lot house. give it 10 to 15 years, with this rate of going, of course.

have you ever imagine, then, things doesnt go our way. we no longer can serve the company we are now, no steady paycheck, ur assets (taking most people common thinking; house and cars are assets) goes no value when it cannot be liquidated, what do you have to offer?

Can you afford to be broke? do you have the what it takes to regain ur once glorious life from zero?
i always wanted to discover my capacity to this adventure.

nahhh i know no matter how serious im trying to have it pictured in here, i still feel the excitement as if im going out to play games. zzz u little girl inside!

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