Friday, July 22, 2011

tiny little bubbles

u know when u r having the itchy sensation?
and nothing else helps other than scratching until it get wounded. the pain is less stressful than an itch is. much much less.

uh huh.. and...?
i have this tiny little blisters on my fingers. on the tips, the inner side where it bends and it continue to develop just anywhere without a clear relation between one to another.

it itches. just in case you dont know a blister is actually a bubble of skin with clear fluid inside. in my case, the skin is relatively thick so popping it is not easy. the bubbles very tiny but formed in group of like a dozen at one tiny spot. if i squeeze (a way to reduce he itch) two or more nearby bubble might joint together (internally popped perhaps?)

what happens if u have blisters anyway?
when i got wet. any form of contact with liquid. blisters aside, my whole hand is very sensitve with water. its the liquid inside been squezzed out so it will be like an old piece of cloth just came out from washing machine. it will be very very soft.
the blisters will be much more fragile, the fluid is technically forming a gap so the outer skin has more tendency to detached. and when it does, i better get myself a ready stock of plaster. i dont know if its normal to others but its an open skinless skin but it does not bleeds.
if im lucky to not to break open the detached skin, it will get hardened than usual. the skin continues to thicken and will eventually break open the blisters, but in a more ugly way. a dry chapped pieces of skin that cannot be teared off in one go. the skin is now very rough at this stage.

what's the cure?
why do u think im writing these in the first place? my set of common sense and general information doesnt seem to cover this chapter. mind with some good sharing?

judging from your age, ur whole hand is a damaged item by now. is it?
no. true i've been having these from my childhood but its when its gone. but it keeps coming back. there must be something out there that cures.

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