Monday, April 18, 2011

the road with not many travellers

it wont do but still, terima kasih.
i know very well, its not easy to bear with me.
even myself finds me very random
and its not easy to keep up my own pace either
that, makes the story written
with some chapters i wished unwritten

treating life as a quest,
when nobody's waiting with medal at the end of the line
the line i try to draw by myself
but i cant draw another
a line has been there, for long
i just need to find it
at the right place, right time

i might not have been any wiser
or any tougher
and one thing i quite certain,
regretting it is just another thin option

terima kasih to many of you :)
AlhamDulillah for things that went well, 
even with many things i messed up with.

i wont promise i'll be very good from now on
i just hope that i will keep my prayers,
that will make it possible for me to give my very best

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