Wednesday, July 8, 2009

what's next?

ahh semak2..
apetah masalah ngan coding aku men dilit membutatuli je td jd ade empty space pnjg camtu skali. semak!
maaf.. saye mmg buta tatau da cane nk wat.

dilema`chix is thinking of mane nk share gamba..
fb=kualiti degrade.
flickr=kne carik flickr uploadr, kalo sesape ade nmpk sile kasik link eh, tq. tp limited taleh wat album.. pro acc?
bli domain snirik=ahh tareti. tapat. tp klu ade msti bes~
multiply=cam menarek. nt try.

selain tu?


  1. ok so multiply ade autouploader. just what i need.
    donlod2 installer. (phew sebaek bukan tarball)
    pastu dpt error.
    i thought i was getting closer but ahh it leads to another error.

    google lagi..

  2. Flickr!

    Here you go

    And yes, Flickr has drop the limitation on album quantity. Last time, you can only create 3 album for free account. But now, you can have more. By more I mean, much more [or is it unlimited]. The only restriction is, you cannot create sub album which I think doesn't make any difference.

  3. ouh no more the limit for free acc?
    but stil the displayed limit is 200.

    thanks abrak :D

    what i meant was the flickr uploadr for linux.. googled thru but end up w/ no easy solution.

    but its ok now, wine will do the trick, and i like! very!