Saturday, February 21, 2009

call urself an enthusiasist?

(gossiping is no cool,even worst if we had it put emotionally logic)

according to a good book of photograpy that i've read, there are three stages of people in this field behave.
stage 1.
we love taking pictures. so a camera is a need. anykind of camera will do. soon, we discovered there are many methods of taking pictures. where we found a ourself crave for a better camera, where we can take control on many things. so we can take better pictures now.

stage 2.
later we'll found that we still took ugly pictures that don't deserve any byte of memory on ur hard disk. so more technics n tricks are learnt in order to improve every single exposure we made. we even once had our status gtalk to be 'its the person behind the viewfinder that matters, a camera is merely a tool without the skill', or two. we are now just utilise what ever tool that we have, n proven to have simply beautiful pictures with the very camera we had when hundreds of them went straight away to the recycle bin back then.

stage 3.
we shoot one, while our brain works on various way on how to get this piece far more better. even better, we are now certain on our interest, what kind of photography we enjoy most and what are the equipments that most suit in. so we'll started to have an upgrade of our weapon. a great tool increase our chances to get a superb shot just with a click.

isk tatau nak conclude ape. losing words.
its hard time for everyone to get this through. even harder for me, i can't really see the point of arguments there. haha
chill. just i dont like the part of compare2 nih. like, duhhh~~
enough of gossips, friends!!
-i know some reader wont get me, forgive me for i don't think its appropriate to put everything here-

p/s: nanti kite wat filter love same2 lagi eh? >__<


  1. oh.

    xajak aku wat love filter pun.



  2. eenaaaa!!!!

    aku ske tgkap gmba gak!tapi aku lagi ske masuk lam gamba.ngahahahahhaha

    so tgkp la gmba aku weh :P~~~

  3. hihi

    set tyme, location~

    klu on, on ah :D